About Me

My name is Alberto Rosado, but you can call me Beto.

I’m an independent WordPress web developer based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I built my first website almost 20 years ago when I was barely a teenager and now I have more than 10 years experience doing it professionally, both as a freelancer and working for agencies in different countries.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. I co-founded a Digital Marketing Agency in Peru, worked as project manager and lead developer in Mexico and was partner and manager of an international wellness industry franchise in Mexico. I learned what a business needs to grow and prosper, and how to accomplish it using digital platforms, from both perspectives as an agency and as a company.

These experiences in combination with my self-taught web development skills give me a great ability to understand a client’s goals and how to achieve them in the most cost effective way possible. I have good rapport with my past clients, and it’s allowed me to keep up with what people are looking for.

Clients and colleagues have told me that two of my best qualities are dependability and transparency. I think of myself as a natural problem solver with a strong focus on achieving results through a high quality and practical approach. I’m grateful these traits have been appreciated by my clients. The goodwill I’ve built because of my high-caliber work is the main reason why I have had so many projects by recommendation to this day.

Currently, I’m focused on WordPress development as my full-time job. In my spare time I’m learning Python and gaming online.

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More about me

Quick Trivia

I was a superhost on Airbnb. I love meeting people from all over the world.

I don’t drink hot beverages. My favorite drink is a cold chicha morada.

I have raised 5 hamsters. I wrote stories about them and even featured them on my first website as a kid.

What they say about me

"My brands would not have the impact they have today if it wasn't for the marketing strategy and overall work done by Beto. Working with him not only represents a continuous care for my brands and my goals, but it is also about the professionalism, friendly and different way to get a strategic partner that goes the extra mile, always exceeding my expectations."
Testimonial client photo Marko
Marko Llosa
Business Entrepreneur
"I reached out to Beto to make a website and from the very start he was always willing to help me and he understood quickly exactly what I had in mind. He is always willing to help me with any questions I have even after one year and he continues to help me with the growth of my website."
Testimonial client photo Mary
Marianialia Del Aguila
"Whenever anybody asks me to recommend someone to design and build their websites, Beto is always the first person that comes to mind."
Testimonial client photo Martin
Martin Bustamante
Video Producer